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The Birds Are Back

Winter is nearly over with Spring is just around the corner.  Soon the birds will be sitting in the trees giving us the pleasure of their song. 

Why not give them a place to build their nests and start the next cycle of living? 

These ceramic birds come in a variety of colors and are each hand crafted to produce a one-of-a-kind artwork for your outdoor space to enjoy as you witness Mother Nature in her finest.

Birdhouse Measurements

head to toe and beak to tail

  6"L x 5"W x 8"D 

(some tails are longer on some birds, so the dimensions can be slightly different)


Current Featured Organization


Richland Creek Improvement Association
Thru June 30th, 50% of the profits from the sale of these birdhouses benefits RCIA

After June 30th, 15% of the profits from the sale of these birdhouses benefits RCIA

Birds Created for RCIA Scavenger Hunt
Now available for Sale - 50% of profit benefits Richland Creek Improvement Association

richland creek.jpg



A local group in Southern Illinois dedicated to:

 -  The improvement of the Richland Creek Trail

 -  The establishment of recreational facilities in the parks the creek passes through

 -  The continued prevention of property damage that has occurred from previous flooding 

 -  The improvement of the water quality within the creek

To read more about this groups activities and the creek improvement projects,

Join their FB page at



Shipping in the United States

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New items and organizations will be featured periodically


We are featuring items which are lighthearted and remind us of what is beautiful in this world

6 neopolitan ice cream dishes.jpeg
Patterned Pie Plates

Wood Crafting

Featured items made from a variety of woods to celebrate the warmth wood brings to your style.

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