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Donna Donahue

Ceramic & Wood Artist

Donna's love for clay began by dabbling with slip casting objects using commercial molds in grade school.  The spark was reignited in 2007 while taking a class at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago having received a gift certificate for performing at an art opening there.  When the pandemic hit in 2020, Donna established her own home studio where she creates her work and fires her own kiln.

Donna also fell in love with woodworking, creating items for use in her own home.   She equiped her home studio with various power tools and woodworking equipment to expand her artistic flare with items made from wood. 


In 2022, Donna plans to delve further into this realm and expects to see multimedia projects as a result.


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Gary Tillyer

2d Artist & Musician

British artist and musician Gary took the opportunity to tour with acts like U2 and other prominent bands of the 80’s and 90’s. He declined a position at Harrow School of Art in London to pursue his music career but never stopped painting and producing art.


Nowadays, Gary paints landscapes of places he has experienced himself making sketches and taking many photographs of his subjects before creating the image from his groundwork. The result is a more personal view rather than a painting close to an actual image. Colors are chosen from his view of the subject at a particular time of day or night. 

A percentage of the profits of his artwork is donated to The Cerebral Palsy Foundation a debilitating condition suffered by his niece. 

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