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My journey into building this company started with a simple question.


How can I combine the items I love to create with the causes that I care about, and it be mutually beneficial for all?

The answer came to me in a series of waves.

I started by making a ceramic bowl and a plate with a puzzle pattern on the outside when I realized that it was similar to the logo for Autism Speaks. Subsequently, I reduced the bowl size so it could function as a candle vessel, a candy dish, a jewelry dish, a guacamole bowl, a small snack dish…..or any other variety of small dish uses.


I have several friends whose children are on the autism spectrum, so why not use my art and the profits from the sales to support Autism Speaks. Not only do I get the benefit of creating, but I also get the benefit of giving to organizations who help others.   


The bowl symbolizes only the beginning of this journey. The idea has expanded to include other items I created. Each item for sale has its designated charity. Every month, the stated share of profits is donated to that organization based on the item's sales that month.

More to Come

Periodically, an item and its designated charity will be featured. During that feature period, half of the profits will be shared with the designated charity.

As time goes on, other artists work and their designated charities will be featured. This movement is designed to help not only the artist, but also the chosen organizations. 


I spent most of my career in a corporate environoment. I retired from my Senior Manager role in data analytics at Verizon after 23 years. Prior to that I held the position of Financial Manager at Hospice of Southern Illinois.

I have my Masters of Business Administration from Webster University, and my Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Saint Louis University.

- Donna Donahue, Founder

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